Mscents Benefits


Sleep order and Relaxation in resting time

the mood in Bedrooms

breathing order for sinus, cold, etc.

alertness and positive energy in study room

mosquitos, insects in unwanted places

Covers & Remove
heavy cooking smell in kitchen

the Attraction Sense for the business

Improve & Increase
marketing appeal

unique visiting experience

workers experience and satisfaction

a fresh and impressive and satisfaction

your brand luxury and increase the value of your services

efficient work place environment increase productivity

customers in the environment with specific mode, excited, positive, relax, refresh or revive.

your business to a higher status from the industry

buying emotion with the sense of smell

the air with anti-bacteria formula scenting

The Nebulizer


It is basically the most powerful diffusers with the solid operation and easy implementation. You don’t need heat or water. Simply attach the essential oil bottle on the device and you are good to go. Since the essential oil directly attached to the device, the content and intensity of the spray are quite thick and solid. The device will make sure that the oil gets into the air, utilizing a special atomizer to create airborne and fine particles of the oil. In case you have health conditions, this type of diffuser is the best because it will make sure that you get continuous and constant essential oil.

HVAC Aroma System

Essential Oil Electric HVAC Aroma Diffuser Machine


MScents adopt patent Twin-fluid spray and high-speed air flow technologies to atomize essential oils into nano particles. Versus traditional low-performance heat type, these machines can atomize the essential oil thin enough to produce quality particles, hence the particle will not stick on wall or pipeline, most importantly, scent will spread to every single corner in the room.

HVAC Aroma System

1. Adopt touch screen operation system, pioneer in scent marketing industry.
2. Combine atomization diffusion and fan diffusion modes, mutual complementarity ensure the scent spreading faster and more evenly.
3. With fragrance anti-theft lock.
4. Various working periods setting are available for every day, ensure flexible use.


Certificate of Safety and Compliance

The advantage

The advantage of nebulizer is that it is attached directly to the bottle of essential oil, so it doesn’t require the use of heat or water, it is hassle free . Turning the device on and off is also easy. Essential oil used with this device provide stress relief, helps to relax, boosts the immune system and increases concentration. If you want a purer aroma of essential oil, this is the perfect device to choose. Moreover, nebulizer doesn’t come with light so you can use it at night without disturbing your sleep. It comes with timers, allowing you to set up and adjust the operational time. However, such devices can be noisy as is powered by aquarium pumps making them powerful – (noisier than the ultrasonic device.)  Noted that the concentration of the oil is quite strong and potent, you will tend to consume more essential oil. Last but not least, nebulizer is more costly than the ultrasonic one.

The Nebulizer unit atomizes the essential oils and then diffuses (circulates) the fragrance of the essential oil into the air. The Nebulizer has three components: the base, the Nebulizer, and the pump for dispersing the oil into the air. The Nebulizer can be made of different materials for example, glass, metal, wood, plastic, porcelain, and ceramic. Remember that the air pump is the source for sending the compressed air out to mist your room area.

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