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Scent Profile

Embodying the effervescent spirit of a classic Mojito, this scent exhilarates the senses with a refreshing burst of mint, echoing the lively zest of crushed mint leaves in a cocktail glass. The initial notes of this fragrance sparkle with the cool, aromatic essence of freshly muddled mint, invoking a sense of revitalizing freshness.

Interlaced with the mint is the delicate floral bouquet of muguet, evoking the pristine and gentle aroma of lily of the valley. Its subtle sweetness intertwines seamlessly with the mint, lending a soft, floral grace to the overall composition.

This note adds a touch of elegance to the vivaciousness of the scent, akin to the delicate embellishment of a garnish on a perfectly mixed drink.

Completing the olfactory journey is the bright and citrusy pomelo, exuding a zesty, juicy allure reminiscent of the Mojito’s key ingredient. Its vibrant, tangy aroma mirrors the citrus burst in the cocktail, adding a sunny, uplifting dimension to the fragrance.

This olfactory creation captures the essence of a Mojito, encapsulating the crisp, invigorating elements of mint, the subtle floral grace of muguet, and the zesty allure of pomelo, evoking the lively and uplifting spirit of this classic libation.

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