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Perfume Making Workshop

We'd like to welcome you to our Sensory Perfume Making Workshop!

In this interactive session, you will embark on a journey of exploring fragrances and creating personalized perfumes.

Throughout the workshop, you will delve into the art of perfumery and discover the various components that make up captivating scents.

Get ready to awaken your senses and unleash your creativity with us!

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The Sensory Experience

Our workshop is designed for individuals who are passionate about unique and beautiful fragrances and want to learn the art of perfume-making.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience and explore different categories of perfume fragrances. Our fragrance expert will guide you through the process of understanding the various fragrance families. You’ll learn how to identify the different notes and ingredients that make up each category of fragrance, and discover the secrets behind creating beautiful and captivating scents.

After exploring the different fragrance categories, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to the test! You’ll get hands-on experience as you blend your very own perfume.

Our expert will guide you through the process of creating a customised scent based on your personal preferences. Whether you prefer a floral, woody or oriental scent, you will learn how to blend different notes and ingredients to create a fragrance that perfectly suits your personality.

Finally, the best part of the workshop, you’ll take home a 30ml bottle of your handmade perfume, which you can use and cherish as a unique expression of your personal style. It’s a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one that will always remind you of the wonderful experience you had at our workshop.

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What You Will Learn

1) Introduction of Fragrances

– Understand the brief history of perfumery
– Learn about perfumery raw materials and basic extraction techniques

*Journey Through Fragrance's Rich History*

In the first step of our Perfume Making Workshop, you’ll dive headfirst into the captivating history of perfumery, where you’ll trace the aromatic journey of human civilization. Discover how perfume evolved from a symbol of luxury to a cherished daily accessory.

*The Essence of Perfumery Materials*

Ever wondered what goes into creating those alluring scents? During this module, you’ll learn about the fundamental building blocks of perfumery.

Explore a rich tapestry of natural and synthetic materials, from precious flowers to exotic woods. Delve into the world of essential oils, absolutes, and aroma chemicals.

You’ll uncover the secrets behind these ingredients and their significance in crafting unforgettable fragrances.

2) The Art of Sniffing

 – Understand the fragrance pyramid and common fragrance families and descriptors

*Decode the Fragrance Pyramid*

In this module, your olfactory senses will be put to the test as you explore the concept of the fragrance pyramid.

Understand the intricate layers of a perfume, from the top notes that greet your senses to the heart notes that tell the story, all the way down to the base notes that linger on your skin.

You’ll discover how these layers work together to create a harmonious and lasting scent experience.

*Discover Fragrance Families*

Fragrances are like a vast family tree, with various scent profiles and characteristics. You’ll become well-versed in the major fragrance families, from floral and oriental to woody and fresh.

Dive into the fascinating world of descriptors and learn how to identify and appreciate the nuances of different scents. Develop the ability to recognize and classify fragrances based on their aromatic signatures.

3) Concoction Time & Craft Your Signature Scent

– applying knowledge from the fragrance pyramid and creating your own unique scent

*Unleash Your Inner Perfumer*

Armed with the knowledge of fragrance history, raw materials, extraction techniques, and the fragrance pyramid, you’ll step into the role of a perfumer.

Drawing inspiration from your newfound understanding, you’ll embark on a creative journey to craft your very own signature scent.

Combine various notes, experiment with different ratios, and blend your unique fragrance that mirrors your personality and style.

*Crafting the Extraordinary*

During this exhilarating concoction time, you’ll be guided by our expert perfumers who will share their invaluable insights.

They’ll help you navigate the complexities of scent layering, balance, and creativity.

The result? A perfume that’s not only a work of art but a reflection of you – something you can proudly wear and share with the world.

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    Perfume Making Workshop


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