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Make your own rules. Differentiate yourself with your own branding & product range. 

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Our well-established manufacturing facilities and expertise can fulfill your business demands within the shortest time. 

We have an experienced team to provide you with an array of product customizations, fast and reliable!  

Best of all, our low Minimum Order Quantity policy offers plenty of flexibility and lowered risks.

If you have any of these needs below, a unique idea or specific requirements, talk to us now.

We’ll be most happy to meet you for a discussion! 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

Factory production based on your product designs or business requirements. Ready to ship in 28 days!

ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

Private or white labelling according to your business requirements

Custom Formulation

Create your own unique fragrance, brand identity & customised packaging. Ready to ship in 120 days!

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Corporate Gifts

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Conference & Events

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Marketing Campaigns

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Promotional Merchandise

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Door Gifts

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Wedding Favours

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Product Expansion

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Private Label

Why Work With Us

As a leading provider of aromatherapy solutions, we’re proud to offer our line of premium aromatherapy products to you.

Our OEM, ODM and custom formulation services, empowers you to develop the perfect scent for your business.

Whether it’s to enhance your brand identity or elevating the experience of your customers, we will help you to stand out from your competitors.

  • Branding

Products with your branding and packaging, establish your own brand identity and increase customer loyalty.

  • Expertise

Have access to our expertise and experience, which can help you to improve the quality of your products and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Inventory

Don’t have to worry about holding inventory, you can order products as needed, this helps with your cash flow management.

  • Cost Savings

Take advantage of economies of scale and lower production costs. Competitive edge in pricing.

  • Flexibility

Customise products to your specifications, such as scent, packaging, or labelling. Create a unique product range that stands out in the market.

  • Reduce Risk

No upfront investment in equipment, inventory, or manufacturing facilities. Reduce the overall risk of your business.

Our Work Flow

Your Idea

Tell us your needs & requirements.

Choose Your Product

Wide product range options.   

Choose Your Packaging

Decide on the packaging design.

Place Your Order

Minimum quantity fulfillment. 

Let's Roll

Production starts after deposit.

Last Mile

Products are delivered upon balance payment. 


Product Line

Everything you need to bring the power of scent to your business.

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Wide range of scents to help you create the perfect ambience for your customers.

Gift Sets Featured Image Transparent Background


Make an impression with beautifully wrapped aromatherapy gift sets.

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Made from natural ingredients and essential oils for a safer environment.



Add a touch of elegance with our stylish and easy-to-use reeds diffusers.



Cutting-edge technology for a unique aromatherapy experience.



Ultrasonic technology to promote health & sense well-being.



1. How can I be assured that your products are of high quality and effective?

There will be a trial period for product(s) testing.

Ingredient tweaks and percentage formulations can be adjusted until product(s) align with your idea and requirements.

2. What is the minimum quantity needed for production?

100 pcs for 1 type of fragrance.

3. I want a fragrance which closely replicates a specific scent? Possible?

Yes, just pass us your sample!

Matching period will take up to 1 month. However, the minimum order is 200kg.

4. I don’t know what sort of packaging & design I should use. Can you help?

Not to worry. Our design & procurement team will be happy to assist you.

5. Am I able to be part of the MScents team in selling your products?

Yes! We are open to business opportunities. We also offer franchise & reseller programs. Speak to us if you have any ideas.