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Ensuring a Clean Home With MScents

A clean house is a peaceful house. Keeping your living space clean is crucial as it contributes to maintaining both physical and mental well-being.

A clean home space allows for further relaxation as it reduces stress, something caused by a cluttered and dirty environment.

By keeping your home clean, you are also improving your indoor air quality, reducing the risk of you or your loved ones having lung irritation or illnesses, as well as improving your overall quality of life.

Ensuring constant cleanliness by cleaning your house regularly and getting rid of any unnecessary items reduces the clutter and dust in your space.

Hence reducing stress, anxiety, as well as physical health issues like respiratory illnesses and eczema.

With the lack of dust and allergens, you can live your life more peacefully, improving your overall quality of living.

The lack of dust and allergens, as well as clutter, which reduces stress, also helps you sleep better at night, keeping insomnia at bay.

Fragrances in the House

The air quality in your home is a major contributor to your overall health and wellness, as can be seen from the previous section.

Keeping your home clean and smelling fragrant will help recover your mental and physical well-being, hence reducing your stress levels by promoting relaxation.

It also increases alertness and productivity, and help curb respiratory issues like asthma or bronchitis.

By choosing the right type of scent (eg. woofy, floral, fruity, musky), you can create a wonderful home atmosphere as these scents help rejuvenate the people in your home, keeping at bay everyone’s stresses.

Some scents like lavender even induces deep sleep, which helps with insomnia by helping you relax before you sleep.

Having a significant scent that defines your home by extension defines you as well. This scent makes people relate certain smells to you, subconsciously making them closer to you.

Using happy, warm smells lifts the mood, associating yourself with a happy, pleasant mood. Such fragrances to create the perfect ambience might just be the finishing touch to making your house feel more like a home!

How To Keep Your Space Smelling Good

There are many different ways of keeping your living space smelling welcoming and aromatic, from the usual diffusers and candles, to the more creative ways of using tea bags and baking soda.


There are different types of diffusers, namely reed diffusers and ultrasonic diffusers. These diffusers can be used around your house, in your rooms, toilets, even kitchen!

Ultrasonic diffusers are either battery-operated or electricity-operated diffusers that use high-frequency vibration to disperse the oil and water mixture that causes the aroma.

Reed diffusers transmit aroma through their reed sticks, which the oil travels through, evaporating upon contact with open air.

These diffusers help keep your living space smelling aromatic, lifting your mood, creating an overall peaceful environment.

Product: Astronaut Aroma Diffuser

Astronaut Aroma Diffuser 50ml

This super cute astronaut aroma diffuser is a great way to keep your home smelling clean, while keeping your interior decor looking stylish!

With 3 different colours to choose from, this astronaut can be a cute way of making your house look exciting, while using it for a practical reason.


Similar to diffusers, there are also different types of candles.

They may differ in shape, size, and even the way they are intended to burn, but most importantly, in the way they smell when lit.

There are both scented and unscented candles that can be used in keeping your home smelling clean.

Unscented candles mask odors in your space by filling your space with a neutral smell, while scented candles mask odors by giving out their own aroma, helping to improve the ambience and mood of the house, not only by smell, but also sight.

The yellow light of candle flames is known to create an ambience and promote relaxation, making it a perfect addition to your home!

Product: Electric Candle Warmer Lamp


This electric candle warmer lamp extends the burning life of your candles by “burning” them without lighting them. This makes the candle burn slower, extending the duration of the scent, while making the scent spread around faster as well.

Tea Bags

Have you ever opened up your cupboard, only to instantly close it back due to the absolute horrid stench coming from it due to the amount of sweaty clothes you stashed in there to keep your room “looking clean”?

Spraying a scent into a cupboard of clothes or food might not be the best idea, so the next best method would be to use a nice tea bag with a scent of your liking.

This dry tea bag soaks up any odors, making your tiny space smell good!

This trick works with smelly shoes as well. If you have no time to wash your shoes, but they smell foul from sweat, simply put a tea bag into your shoe. The tea bag will soak the smell up in no time!


These dried up, fragrance filled flowers and leaves are an undeniably easy way of adding fragrance to your living space.

These can mask odors, giving the house a more muted flowery aroma compared to diffusers or candles.

These come in many different shapes, colours, and even forms, but the most common is a potpourri bowl, which can be assembled by anyone, perfect for DIY-ing!

Baking Soda

Another remedy for terrible odours, baking soda is a common household method to abolish smells!

Simply sprinkling some baking soda in your trash can makes your trash can smell much nicer than it has in years.

Baking soda has alkaline properties, hence it eliminates acidic smells the best, but also helps in getting rid of many other types of smells.

It also absorbs oil and grease, making it easier to clean oily dishes, while simultaneously absorbing the oily and greasy odours from the dishes as well.

Aromatherapy in Home Care

Bathe with Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Going on a stay-cation? Don’t go empty-handed!

Go armed with a bottle of your favourite essential oil to take a relaxing, aromatherapeutic bath.

Simply a few drops of your essential oil into your bath will make your bathroom smell aromatic, while allowing you to relax, making the most out of your vacation.

Product: Essential Purifier Oil

Here at MSCENTS, we have a huge number of scents for you to choose your essential oils to be from!

We have bundles of 3, 5, and even 10 essential oils which you can mix and match to your liking.

These essential oils are made from botanical ingredients, making them more useful for people with sensitive skin.

Bathe with Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

If you feel like adding a bit of spice and colour into your bath, equip yourself with aromatherapy bath bombs!

These bath bombs are meant to induce relaxation not only through smell, but also through sight and texture, hence giving you a perfect bath experience, making you ready to tackle the day.

Shower with Aromatherapy Shower Gel

Understandably, we can’t bathe every day due to the amount of water and time that would be wasted.

For those of us rushing to get to work every morning, this aromatherapy shower gel is perfect to get you relaxed yet alert enough to start your day.

By using an aromatherapy shower gel, not only does your mood get better, but your skin also benefits due to the nourishing and moisturising effect of these gels.

Product: Aromatherapy Shower Gel


This aromatherapy shower gel is not only great for improving your mood, but also improves your skin due to the moisturising nature of this shower gel.

By using this shower gel, you are basically pampering yourself with an everyday spa experience, right from the comfort of your own home!

Use Aromatherapy Perfume

By using natural perfumes instead of ones filled with chemicals, your olfactory senses will be engaged more, allowing your brain to relax more, making you fit for the day.

The aroma coming from your perfume will likewise influence people around you, making them feel calm in your presence.

Product: Crystal Perfume EDT

MScents Crystal Perfume EDT_1

This crystal perfume EDT is a perfect gift set for your loved ones, but is also perfect as a gift for yourself, from yourself.

The carefully curated bottle of this perfume makes anyone using it feel expensive, improving self-confidence with simply sight and touch.

MScents Products in Home Care

Here at Mscents, we care greatly about ensuring that everyone has a good quality of life, starting with the quality of your living space.

We believe in using aromatherapy to make your life better, and have designed many products that are targeted to home care.

Fragrance Hand Sanitizer

This Fragrance Hand Sanitizer ensures that you stay clean and sanitized both inside and outside your house, ensuring that cleanliness becomes a sensory experience.

Due to the amount of germs that can be found in hands that can potentially lead to illnesses, this sanitizer is a must-buy as it is both aesthetic and practical.

Prevention is miles better than cure, so simply use this sanitizer to prevent yourself from illnesses!

All Natural Mosquito Repellant


This repellant, formulated from all-natural ingredients, repels not only mosquitoes but also other insects, while simultaneously soothing your skin by moisturising it.

This repellant is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to the natural ingredients used!

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Surface Spray


This multi-purpose disinfectant keeps your living space germ free, as a cluttered living space more likely than not has dust and germs in it.

This is essential in having your home clean as it also helps prevent illnesses that may come from germs left on surfaces.

Anti-Mold Disinfectant Spray

anti mold disinfectant spray 02

This anti-mold disinfectant spray keeps mold from growing into a raging party in your house, keeping your living space clean.

This prevents illnesses for people with respiratory issues, as mold is known to trigger such respiratory illnesses.

Glass Cleaner Spray

Tired of using up all your strength while making sure your windows look sparkling? Suffer no more!

With our specially curated glass cleaner spray, you’ll have your glasses sparkling in no time, with minimum effort.

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