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Scent Profile

Kenzo Flower is a popular perfume that is celebrated for its unique and evocative fragrance. It is a classic floral perfume known for its timeless and graceful scent.

It’s a fragrance that captures the essence of a beautiful flower garden, making it a favorite among those who appreciate the charm of floral fragrances.

This fragrance opens with a burst of freshness, typically featuring citrusy and slightly spicy notes that give an initial brightness to the scent.

These top notes are often light and invigorating. At the heart of Kenzo Flower, you’ll find an array of beautiful floral notes, which are the heart and soul of this fragrance.

The heart notes are feminine, elegant, and often the most long-lasting part of the scent. Kenzo Flower is often described as a delicate, powdery, and serene fragrance that captures the essence of a blooming garden.

It’s a balanced blend of floral beauty, freshness, and soft sensuality. The scent is designed to evoke a sense of femininity, grace, and timeless elegance.

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