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Scent Profile

Somebody Like you is inspired by Christian Dior Sauvage.

“Elegant Enigma” is a word that describe this fragrance that embodies the essence of someone like you – a person of undeniable charisma and depth. It’s an intriguing blend that captures the enigmatic qualities that make you unique.

The fragrance leaves a lasting impression, just as your presence does, drawing people into your captivating world and leaving them with an indelible memory of your elegance and allure.

The fragrance opens with a burst of zesty bergamot and lively pepper, akin to the charisma and charm that captivates everyone’s attention when you enter a room. It’s the sparkle in your eyes, the magnetic energy that draws people in. In the heart of this enigmatic scent, a bouquet of aromatic lavender and exotic Sichuan pepper unfolds.

These notes mirror the depth of your personality, revealing layers of mystery and intrigue. Just as you hold your thoughts close to your heart, these notes add a touch of mystique to the fragrance. The fragrance settles into a warm and woody embrace, reminiscent of your grounded and confident demeanor.

Vetiver, the backbone of this scent, provides stability and sophistication, much like your unwavering presence in any situation. Ambroxan and patchouli bring a sensual depth that lingers like your unforgettable presence in people’s memories.

A fragrance that embodies the essence of a person with charisma, depth, and an air of mystery, similar to your own captivating presence.

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