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Scent Profile

Tokyowood encapsulates the essence of a dynamic cityscape, where tradition meets modernity, echoing the vibrant energy of Tokyo’s bustling streets.

The fragrance unfolds with the spicy warmth of nutmeg, reminiscent of the city’s lively markets and the rich history woven into its bustling present. This initial note is a nod to the city’s vibrant culture, where the old and new harmoniously coexist.

As the scent evolves, the woody sophistication of guaiac wood emerges, mirroring the sleek lines of contemporary Tokyo architecture. Its resinous, smoky facets pay homage to the city’s forward-thinking and innovative spirit. It weaves a compelling narrative of transformation and progress, much like the cityscape itself.

The foundation of Tokyowood is anchored by the sturdy and aromatic presence of cedar wood, a tribute to the city’s steadfast resilience and strength. This note embodies the enduring spirit of Tokyo, a reminder of the ancient forests that once stood where the modern metropolis now thrives.

Tokyowood is a fragrance that captures the essence of Tokyo’s multifaceted persona—the blend of spices, woods, and resins form an olfactory ode to a city constantly evolving, yet deeply rooted in its rich heritage.

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