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Scent Profile

The powdery floral aromatic scent featuring rose and peach is an enchanting and delicate fragrance that combines the timeless elegance of roses with the sweet and fruity allure of peaches.

Rose is the star of this fragrance, providing a classic and romantic floral note. The scent of rose is full-bodied, heady, and slightly sweet with a hint of spice. It evokes a sense of love, beauty, and sophistication, making it a quintessential floral choice.

Peach notes introduce a luscious and juicy fruitiness to the fragrance. The scent of ripe peaches is sweet, succulent, and summery, adding a delightful and youthful facet. Peach enhances the overall freshness of the composition.

Powdery notes contribute a soft and velvety texture to the scent. They create a delicate and refined aspect, evoking the sensation of powdered petals. The powdery element adds a touch of sophistication and vintage charm.

This combination results in a scent that is both elegant and sweet, making it particularly suitable for romantic occasions and daytime wear. It exudes a sense of grace, femininity, and a touch of vintage allure, appealing to those who appreciate a refined and floral-forward olfactory experience.

The combination of powdery, floral, and fruity elements creates a well-balanced and captivating fragrance profile.

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