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MScents at The Singapore Airshow 2024

MScents Airshow 2024 Feature

MScents is proud to share that we were appointed as the Official Scenting Partner for The Singapore AirShow 2024! This was a truly memorable journey this year, signifying yet another milestone for Mscents.

MScents is embraced by consumers and premium establishments across Asia. This February 20-25, we were given the honour of being appointed as the Official Scenting Partner for Singapore’s Airshow 2024! According to SISTIC Singapore, The Singapore Airshow is the most significant international aerospace and defence exposition in Asia.

Praised by many for our diverse range of products, we were glad to spread the joy of aromatherapy around the exhibition. We at Mscents realised, early on, that fragrance is an essential part of life. Smell is just as crucial as the other four senses—taste, hearing, touch, and sight.

That’s precisely why we aim to encapsulate charming aromas that are priceless, wanting to make a difference by allowing everyone to use our high quality and eco-friendly scenting solutions.

Customised Experience for the Airshow

Each fragrance showcased at our booth during the Airshow was thoughtfully and mindfully curated, keeping in mind that this occasion represents Singapore – something we expertise in, in this field. We make sure to encapsulate the very essence of Singapore in our SG Inspired Series, ensuring that the local touch exists in our scents.

Here at Mscents, we aim to teleport customers to cloud nine through the power of scent. We provide not only simply a fragrance, but also the experience that comes with smelling the fragrance. Each scent is carefully and painstakingly tailored to blend together high-quality botanical ingredients to echo the nostalgic local scent, along with luxury hotel scents.

During the Airshow, we were able to showcase our inhouse products to the aviation industry. We believe that scenting is crucial to making everlasting memories, and this includes the aviation industry. You can check out our Airshow booth on our social media accounts, like Tiktok (@mscentsasia) and Instagram (@mscents_official).

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