Fragrances & Scents

Understanding Fragrances

What comes to mind when you hear this word? Maybe a nice, warm, scented candle? Or the perfume bottle sitting innocently on your bedside table?

Fragrances are substances possessing strong-smelling organic compounds that have characteristic, pleasant odours, according to the Michigan State University. These are generally pleasing smells created from different scents being mixed together.

The effect of each scent on each person depends on the person and the personal experiences that person has. This effect is mostly based on scent association, as each smell causes different memories and even emotions for different people, based on the events that have occurred in their lives.

Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients, not to be confused with organic ingredients, are natural aromatic extracts from flowers, leaves, roots and stems etc, which are allergy-friendly and non-toxic, and hence are safer for sensitive people. These are environmentally conscious too, as they are produced from renewable plant materials instead of petrochemicals, unlike other essential oils.

The botanical nature of these extracts make it such that they last longer, simply due to the fact that the oil adheres to the skin better. This makes the usage of botanical ingredients much more efficient, as less is more! Here at MScents, we use botanical ingredients to ensure that our products are of top quality, while being affordable. We’ve come up with a bunch of new exciting sparkly dazzling fragrances that will surely interest you!

MScents New Fragrance Collection 2024 – 2025

Hotel Series

  • Crown Australia
  • Kempinski

Inspired by hotels, made for people who want their room to smell like the hotels they love, we have the Hotel Series! The key to making your living space smell clean and fresh, this series has 2 new additions to it! The fresh yet warm and comforting smell from this series is enough to make anyone swoon, making you feel completely comfortable in your safe space, your house.

Iconic Singapore

Wanting to preserve a bit of our local spirit in the scents we make, we have the Iconic Singapore Series! Leaving Singapore and want to take a bit of it with you? Just coming into Singapore and want to learn more about the culture and smells? This series is perfect for all instances, as it truly captures the local essence. This series has 2 new additions to it!

Perfume Series

  • Light My Fire
  • Polaris Noir
  • L’eau D’Issey

Want to smell good? We got you! Why not take a look at our Perfume Series?

Carefully curated to make you smell your best even on days you can’t be bothered to do your carefully picked out skincare routine, this series with 3 new additions helps you smell the best at all times!

Hallyu Nature Series

  • Hinoki Magnolia
  • Mojito
  • Gardenia Fleur
  • Meadow @ Dawn
  • White Cave
  • Edenic Allure
  • Luminous Bloom

Do you find yourself bopping to the latest K-Pop releases? Or maybe watching some funny K-Dramas? Do you want to smell like the same garden where your main character got proposed to? Why not consider our HALLYU Nature Series?

This series, with 8 new additions, makes you swoon with the fresh smell that comes from each of the 8 new scents. Live the lifestyle of your favourite K-Idol or K-Actor by choosing one of these scents! Each spritz of these scents creates the illusion of standing in a field full of flowers, with the breeze lightly tickling your cheeks.

Don’t miss out on this! The HALLYU wave has created a new trend of taking care of yourself, of being the best version of yourself possible. This includes taking care of both your mental and physical health. What better way to take care of yourself than essential oils? By using aromatherapy to stay positive as well as keeping yourself smelling good, you’ll have a glow up in no time!

The Tea Collection

  • Rose Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Black Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea

Are you a tea lover? This will definitely resonate with you! Check out our The Tea Collection – with 4 new scents.

Wanting to relax after a huge day at work or school is completely relatable. Imagine coming home after work and having to smell the dirty clothes you left rotting on your bed in the morning due to your time crunch (you snoozed all your alarms).

That simple thought is enough to get anyone’s blood pressure rising! Now hold that thought. What if you smelt cool fresh tea the moment you opened your door? Not only does it calm you down, the cooling scent of citrus wakes you up enough to do your after-work routine.

What scent would YOU go for?

With that, we hope you’ve been tempted enough to go check out our new collection for 2024-2025! Do check out our socials for more fun and exciting news!

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